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Do you think if we REALLY believe it, we can change the world?

A lot of people did in 1968.


In 68 The Musical, Cynthia is a smalltown teenage fashion designer, desperate to be a part of the changes happening in swinging London.

Wide eyed and innocent, Cynthia soon finds herself under the wing of

Party Girl Jayne and her band of misfits, including an American student avoiding the draft, a gay writer hiding his sexuality from the world, a runaway and an anarchist that draws them into the anti-war rally

of March 17th, which became known as the Grosvenor Square riot.

Suddenly Cynthia is pulled from her idealistic sixties fantasy as the police, led by the "Old school" Chief Inspector Jackson, attack the protesters with mounted police, leaving many injured.

Battered and bruised, and with the media blaming the protesters for the violence, the friends have to decide whether to fight for the changes they believe in, or if there could be another way...



"We can sew the world together using love..."

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