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68 The Musical Original Soundtrack

album cover dylan.jpg

Written by Dylan Axup

Additional Music and Lyrics by Timothy Allen


British Pathé: Justin Brett

PC Tompkins: Dylan Axup



Whitney Abdullah, Timothy Allen, Dylan Axup, Liz Axup, Meg Bold,

Hannah Goodall, David Hookham, Lewis Jones, Sophie Moss,

Nicola Twardowski, Charlotte Woodhead



Dylan Axup: Drums, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Programming & String Arrangements

Timothy Allen: Piano, Keyboards, Programming & Brass Arrangements

James Gallichan: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Trevor Midgley: Guitar Solos


Produced & Mixed by: Dylan Axup

Recorded in: Splash Studios

Main Vocals recorded in the singer's home studio during 2021 lockdown

Artwork by Camila Wyness

Copyright 2021

Stream or Download it from 22/02/22

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